Originally published on bigbaddie.com on June 17, 2006.

UPDATE (07/24/2019): This was my very first post on bigbaddie.com. While I’ve already discarded most of my early posts, I’m keeping this one — no matter how cringe-worthy it is — for posterity. I’m sorry.

I’m back in the strange and sick world of the Blogosphere. I’ve been blogless (new word!) for a month now. This is not the first time. Before, it was voluntary. I shut down my past blogs or simply abandoned them for a short period of time just because I was having my tantrums about life. Silly, I know. But this time, I’ve been blogless because of elements beyond my control. My previous host did a data and server migration, apparently for a couple of days only. But the couple of days turned into a week. Then a couple of weeks. And next thing you know, I’m creating another blog because my Consolidated Crap blog is lost in server-migration limbo. Enough of the sad intro. Time for the real origin story.

I have more funds now for my comic book geekity (new word!). I’m now visiting my favorite comic book shop almost every week, whereas before, it was just a monthly deal. And comic books, basically, is the inspiration for this new blog. Stupid, yes. But it’s my blog. So, piss off! Anyway, a longbox is, well, a long box where I keep my most valuable comic book issues. Long story short, this blog is where I keep my personal issues about life and all whatevers inherent to it. Brilliant, eh? Mwehehe.

Now, for a brief recap of the past month (excluding the aforementioned host fiasco):

  • I saw the third installment of the X-Men movie franchise. Twice. Just because of that scene after the credits. Bwahaha! The critics slaughtered the movie, but I absolutely love it! And just for the record, Movie Kitty Pryde is so adorably cute! Not hot, but cute nonetheless.
  • With all the big comic book events last month like the end of DC Comics’ Infinite Crisis and the start of Marvel Comics’ Civil War, it’s a good time to be a comic book geek. I’ve also started reading DC’s 52 series (weekly!). I’m a very geeky comic book freak right now. And I won’t have it any other way.
  • I set up a personal webserver on my PC. Yup. I successfully installed the latest versions of Apache, PHP, MySQL, and PHPMyAdmin on my PC. I am now playing around with the latest versions of content management systems like Xoops, Joomla, and PHP-Fusion, and also WordPress. I’m also remotely debugging and testing yUPieLBi.com. Together with the latest versions of Photoshop and Dreamweaver, I have my very own web development workshop in my room. I guess I’m trying to keep my ComSci spirit alive. Not using it much in my job.
  • I went to the beach for the second time this year for our company outing. I don’t know why, but Laiya, Batangas holds a very special place in my cholesterol-ravaged heart. After the outing, I unfortunately got sick. It caused me to miss work for three days. And since I didn’t get a medical certificate for those three days, my salary will get a significant beating this month.
  • Being the impatient prick that I am, several weeks of not publishing these stupid stories and experiences was torture. So I came up with a brilliant idea: make a new blog! Genius!

And that’s it for this blog’s stupid origin story. Baddie, out!

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