Long Box

Hi, I’m Gino and this is Long Box.

I’ve been reading, collecting, loving, hating, living and breathing comic books since the early ’90s.

The medium of comics has gotten me through some hard times. I learned words that a young kid would never have learned just from attending grade school. Comics showed me the endless possibilities of life with the use of words and art.

As a young adult in the aughts, I started putting my own words into blogs. Back in 2006, I put up a blog specifically to talk about comics. I called it Long Box.

Long Box didn’t last long. In 2007, I started bigbaddie.com and tried to explore my own creativity — or lack thereof. I’ve had a great time writing about a wide array of topics, from dumb movies to dead presidents, and everything in between.

After twelve years of bigbaddie.com and life events (and non-events) in the past few months, I feel like it’s time to refocus, restart and rebuild. It’s time to concentrate on what really matters in life: comics.

Like Jean Grey (or any of the X-Men, really), Long Box lives again. From the ashes of bigbaddie.com, it rises.

So stay tuned, dear reader. We’ll talk about comics, comic book movies, games based on comics, comics culture and everything else related to sequential art.

Welcome to Long Box, Kitty Pryde (that’s your name now, reader). Hope you survive the experience!

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